Active Travel

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The Active School Travel Programme is an exciting initiative for schools who wish to see more of their pupils choosing an active and healthy journey to school. Sustrans is being funded by the Department for Infrastructure and the Public Health Agency to continue delivering the Active School Travel Programme across Northern Ireland for the next five years until 2021.

Increasing the number of children who regularly walk, cycle or scoot to school has numerous benefits including:

  • increased physical activity levels resulting in improved health and well-being
  • reduced congestion and pollution around schools
  • improved academic performance and attendance rates
  • increased road safety awareness
  • increased confidence, self-esteem and independence for young people.

Bikers’ Breakfast!

Bike to school for your breakfast on Wednesday 5th October at 8.00am. Parents and children are encouraged to cycle to school on this day. For this event you can buy a ticket from our school Secretary (Mrs Childs) or pay on arrival. The cost is £1.00. Meet us in the school canteen!

Big Pedal returns!

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Playgrounds overflowing with bikes and scooters must mean the Big Pedal is on again. Local schools will be as competitive as ever, with many running special events to increase their bike counts. Popular options included Dr Bike sessions and ‘cycles and scooters in school’ days, with pupils getting time to use their bike or scooter during the school day.