Big Pedal Cycle to School Competition

Lisnasharragh PS are the Northern Ireland winners of the Big Pedal!

Well done to everyone! Beth came along to Assembly to announce the results. We all sang along to ‘We are the Champions!’

We had a total of 2101 journeys by bicycle during the 15 days of the competition – that is 49% of all children.

We were also 10th in the UK competition which had over 1000 schools participating – the first time a NI school has come in the top 100 places!

bp win (Medium) bp win 2 (Medium)


Sponsored Sports Day

After the children had completed four different activities in the Assembly Hall they joined Beth in the Multi Use Games Area where they tackled some cycle skills tests. Very tricky!

s24 (Medium) s25 (Medium) s26 (Medium) s27 (Medium) s28 (Medium) s29 (Medium) s21 (Medium) s22 (Medium) s23 (Medium)


Our Second Dr Bike Day

Once again the children and parents had the opportunity to have their bikes checked for any mechanical issues. The Assembly Hall was full of bikes!

dr1 (Medium)


Primary 1 Ditch the Stabilisers Day

These photos were taken on the first of two days when our P1 boys and girls had the opportunity to try riding their bikes without stabilisers. Beth believes that the earlier the children try riding on two wheels only the better!

d1 (Medium) d2 (Medium)


Our Fourth Bike-It Breakfast

To help launch the start of the Big Pedal we held our fourth Bike-It Breakfast in the school canteen. We had almost 150 bikes parked outside. Many thanks to all of the mums who came along to help out!

 gggg (Medium)


Bike-It Cycle Challenge

Lots of children, mums and dads had a go at our Bike-It Cycle Challenge. These photographs show that it was necessary to cycle as fast as possible for a very long 60 seconds. Agony for some!


Cycle to Santa Competition

The children are cycling to school every day in order to give them a chance of winning our Cycle to Santa Competition. It runs from 12 November to 14 December. Happy cycling!


Security Marking Bicycles

Three officers from the PSNI came along to security mark over seventy children’s bicycles. The officers spoke to the P3-P7 children regarding precautions that they should take to keep their valuable property safe!


On Road Cycle Training

In November twenty four P5 and P6 children successfully completed the On Road Cycle training. On the third day the Minister for the Environment, Alex Atwood MLA joined the class!


Our Third Bike-It Breakfast / Presentation of the Bike-It Bronze Award

Once again we had lots of children and parents coming to school on their bicycles. Everyone wore their cycle helmet and many of the children had hi-visibility vests – it is quite dark at 8.00am!




Breakfast was served in the school canteen!


 Afterwards we all went into the Assembly Hall for the presentation of our Bike-It Bronze Award by ‘Captain Matt G’.


In September 2011 Beth Harding, our Bike-It officer, began an exciting programme of activities aimed at encouraging the children and their families to cycle on a much more regular basis. The project involves a wide range of fun events that will promote safe cycling for everyone within the school community.

‘Bling Your Bike’ Day

The Minister for Regional Development, Mr Danny Kennedy MLA came along to help us celebrate ‘Bling Your Bike’ Day. When decorating their bikes many of the children adopted the theme of the ‘Olympic Games’.

A special treat for the Minister – meeting some of our mums!

This event was highlighted in the Sustrans Bike-It Newsletter:

Bike It Belfast Newsletter


On Road Safe Cycle Training

A very valuabe element of the Bike-It programme is on-road training for senior pupils. This photograph shows our P6 children already to go!


‘Ditch the Stabilisers’ Day

Beth came to school to help the Primary 1 children to ride their bicycles without stabilisers. A great idea!

Activity 8 – Sports Relief Cyclists’ Breakfast

We organised a breakfast in the school canteen in aid of Sports Relief. There were a total of 134 bicycles parked at the front of the school – fantastic!


Sponsored Sports Day

Beth Harding introduced a cycling activity to our Sponsored Sports Day. The children were set a number of challenges that required good control of their bicycles!


Activity 6 – Congratulations to our Primary 7 children who gave a super presentation about Bike-It at Lisnasharragh Primary School. This was at the Bike-It Conference for principals and teachers in Belfast and North Down that we hosted in our school assembly hall. They were brilliant!


Dr Bike Day

Two mechanics from Podium for Sport spent a day with us at the end of February checking over 70 bicycles. Many thanks for all their hard work!


Bike-It Design a Sticker Competition

Our winners for the Sustrans Sticker Competition have been chosen. It was difficult to choose – so many great entries! But here are the top entries…

Up to 6 years of age

From 7 to 9 years of age

From 10 years of age upwards

Congratulations to all of the children who entered the competition – the designs were fantastic!


Bike-It Classroom Activities 

In February our Bike-It Officer, Beth Harding organised some activities in each of the classrooms. Topics included the history of the bicycle and the benefits of cycling for the environment. Bike-It has proved to be a very beneficial programme – our thanks to Beth for all her help and expertise!


Bike-It After School Club

Children in Primary 6 and 7 have been attending our new Bike-It Club on Wednesday afternoons. The Club is taken by Beth Harding, Mrs Lindsay and Mrs Palnoch.


Bike-It Breakfast

Below is a letter that Beth sent to me following our first major event – a ‘Bike-It Breakfast’ for all the family.

Dear Mr Monks,

Congratulations to everyone at Lisnasharragh Primary School on a brilliantly successful ‘Bike-It Breakfast’ this morning! I am so pleased that it was such a fantastic success. By my count, there were well over 100 participants. There were more than 70 children and 40 parents, not forgetting all the fantastic helpers! I counted  a total of 77 bicycles parked outside the school. Excellent! The staff and parents provided a lovely breakfast spread and there was a great atmosphere in the Assembly Hall. The school has already shown great enthusiasm in encouraging pupils to travel to school on two wheels and the number of children cycling to school is quickly increasing. Well done and thank you for all your enthusiasm and hard work. See you soon!

Beth Harding (Sustrans Bike-It Officer)

These comments from the children indicate the extent to which they enjoyed this event!

I liked coming to school on my bike. I had pancakes and juice for breakfast.

Nicole P2

I cycled to school with my mum, my sister Erin and my brother Joel. I wore a bright pink coat so that I could be seen in the dark.

Abi P4

When I cycled to school I wore a bright pink coat and helmet. I had Cheerios and toast for breakfast. We had really good fun!

Leah P5

I really love cycling on my bike. I had cereal and toast for my breakfast in the Assembly Hall. Cycling is fun and healthy!

Mia P5

The best thing about the Cyclists’ Breakfast was that there was lots of different food to choose from. There were also lots of really good prizes to be won. It was great!

Eva P7

It was fun having breakfast with my friends. I hope that our breakfast will encourage everyone to ride their bikes more often.

Erin P7

I really like cycling to school on my bike. It is so much better than walking!

Dylan P4

I had lights on the front and the back of my bicycle so that I could see in the dark. To be seen I wore a bright orange coat.

Daniel P6

I loved the hot dogs for breakfast. I came to school with my mum and my brother Harry. The colour of my helmet is pink.

Ruby P2

I liked cycling to school because I was able to wear my orange and yellow jacket.

Ben J P3

I came to school with my mummy and my brother Cameron who is in Primary 5.

Caitlin P3

I came with my cousin Lauren.

Emma C P3

It was strange cycling to school with my mum when it was still dark. We wore bright green jackets so that we could be seen.

Katherine P6

We cycled to school on Tuesday for the Cyclists’ Breakfast. We had rice-krispies, hot dogs, toast, fruit and juice. It was really nice having breakfast with our friends.

Sarah and Laura P6

After breakfast there was a Grand Draw for lots of different prizes. These included hi-visibility jackets, cycle lights, bells and bike computers. It was an exciting morning!

Jack C and Ross P6

I really enjoyed the Cyclists’ Breakfast because we had lovely juicy melons and tasty hot dogs to eat. There were lots of children and parents in the Hall. It was a fun morning!

Cameron P5

I came to school on my bike with my mum and Natasha who is in P6. For my breakfast I had cereal, fruit, toast and a hot dog! I hope there will be another breakfast soon!

Ross P2

I like cycling because it is such good exercise. The breakfast was delicious!

Maddie P3

I liked cycling to school with my mum, sister and brother. I wore a yellow suit and helmet. The hot dogs were very good.

Bradley P2

I loved coming to school on my bike. My mummy put my baby sister Martha on her bike and I cycled beside her.

Jacob P1

Our Bike-It officer, Berth Harding, came to the Cyclists’ Breakfast on her special foldable bicycle. It only takes her one minute for her to unfold the bike. I would love to have a bicycle like Beth’s! Beth calls her foldable bike ‘Firefly’.

Knox P5

I loved having a hot dog for breakfast!

James P1

The hot dogs were really good!

Ryan P2

I ate so many hot dogs at the Cyclists’ Breakfast that I thought I was going to burst!

Harry C P4

The breakfast was really good f un!

Matthew P4

Since our breakfast I now eat my Weetabix the way that Mrs Crawford served it to me!

Lucy P4

I liked cycling to school. It was really fun. I would like to do it again!

Jack H P4

The toast that I was given was yummy! I liked it when the prizes were given out. Everyone was very excited!

Gareth P5

The breakfast food was really good!

Michael P7

A hot dog for breakfast – that’s amazing!

Ben P7

The Cyclists’ Breakfast was a really good idea. It gave you exercise and it was fun!

Victoria P7

The prizes that were given out were really good. I got a new light for my bicycle.

Leah P7

I cycled to school with my mum, my brother Andrew and my sister Mackenzie. I liked coming to school on my bike but the best thing was that we all got a free breakfast!

Aaron P4

P Monks (Principal)