As one of the largest primary schools in the area we feel that we can offer your child a broad and balanced range of learning experiences. We are very keen to meet the specific needs of all of our pupils, with all children believing that they are improving and achieving. It is our firm belief that we are extremely well placed to meet the challenges presented by education in the 21st century. The ‘Northern Ireland Curriculum’ for primary and post- primary schools was launched in September 2007.

A key point is that it is a ‘revised’ curriculum – not a totally new one. Much is as it was before, with the greatest change being that children are now learning in a much more active and meaningful way. Our teachers are currently developing a key element of this new approach called ‘assessment for learning’. The ultimate aim is that the children will develop the necessary skills to become ‘independent learners’.

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Modern Languages
Special Educational Needs
Information and Communications Technology