The Shared Education programme involves Lisnasharaagh, Cregagh and St. Bernards Primary Schools.

Pupils from each school are split into various mixed groups and work across the three schools to complete a range of tasks. Each group are given the opportunity to work in a different school with a different teacher each term.

So far we have integrated the following numbers of pupils:

P4. 123 pupils

P6. 121 pupils

P7. 121 pupils

    This year there are 4 year groups with more than 500 pupils taking part in the project.


    Staff training

    Forty to fifty teachers and classroom assistants were trained by iTeach in using Explain Everything, Book Creator, Pic Collage as well as various Coding apps. The session were hosted across the three schools over the last academic year.


    Shared Education Co-Ordinators hosted training days within their year groups:

        Audrey Palnoch - Scratch Jr. (P4 teachers)

        Martin Larmour - Coding Apps and Programs (P6 & P7 teachers)



      Parents received e-safety training which was led by iTeach and hosted at Lisnasharragh Primary School.


      This year

      Again, pupils from each school will be split into various mixed groups and focus on using the Garage Band App. This app provides pupils a set of tools to compose their own music.