In Lisnasharragh Primary School we believe that children should be provided with an outlet to explore their feelings and express themselves in an outlet that goes beyond mere verbal communication. We believe that participation in musical activity affords pupils opportunities to listen to and interact positively with others, as well as helping to develop each child's unique musical potential. As a whole school we recognise the value of providing a wide range of musical experiences which enable children to develop skills in:

  • Thinking, problem-solving and decision-making;

  • Self-management;

  • Working with others;

  • Managing informations; and

  • Being creative

Music should also be seen as a vehicle for the building of children's self-esteem, confidence and self-discipline and the enhancement of life skills. This year we are focusing on the teaching of music within the school and are currently exploring different ways to ensure that music is taught effectively. All pupils will have opportunities to be involved in musical activities within the classroom and as part of our extra-curricular activities programme.

We also offer instrumental tuition to our pupils with the assistance of external music tutors who come into the school on a weekly basis. At this moment in time we offer tuition in brass, woodwind, piano and drums, and we hope to start expanding this provision soon. Primary 6 pupils will also be given the opportunity this year to learn how to play the recorder, and we hope to extend this to other year groups soon.

Music lessons take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.